I am very happy to recommend Bronja and her team to anyone thinking about a dog walking service because what you actually get is a very trustworthy, caring service that goes above and beyond the call of duty!

My elderly mother could no longer walk her beloved Toby, a standard dachshund, who was soon in dire need of human and doggy companionship. My Mum was very wary of letting anyone else take Toby out of the house and would worry the entire time he was out when family or neighbours took him for a walk.

As soon as we met Bronja, however, I could see that Mum trusted her as Bronja was just so confident with canine know-how and so she was happy to let Toby "join" the doggy walking club. She even gave permission for him to be off the lead, which was unheard of!

As for Toby, he really benefitted from the regular exercise and dog companionship.

Then when my Mum had a fall at home it was Bronja who found her and alerted me to the crisis that could have been fatal for Mum, as anyone else could have so easily not reacted when my Mum did not answer the door bell. Without Bronja's intervention my Mum could have been lying on the floor until the following day when my sister was due to visit.

So if you want a dog walking service that cares, not just about the dogs but about people as well, use Whistlers. Julie Hewlett


I moved to central Winchester last October and was lucky enough to find Bronja at Whistlers! She has been absolutely invaluable!

Bronja visited Poppy, my Border Terrier, at home to meet Poppy and have a chat about her dog walking service. I then arranged to go out with Bronja, with Poppy, to see how things worked on a routine dog walk.

Bronja has now been walking Poppy for just over a year. She is reliable, cheerful and nothing is a problem. When I have had to arrange walks at fairly short notice, and she is approachable and has always managed to fit Poppy in, as long as I text her around 7am on the day of the walk! Poppy is keen to go off on her walks and now even can recognise the Whistler's vans when I am walking her around Winchester!

So, thanks to Bronja, and her superb team of dog walkers I can go off to work, secure in the knowledge that Poppy will have a long and enjoyable walk and be returned safely (paws wiped!) to my home!

What more can I say Bronja - you are all stars and you provide a fantastic service!!!

Catherine Stoker


Our little miniature dachshund, Hamish, has been walked by Whistlers for the past year while my wife and I have both been working during the week and they have been excellent. Bronja and her team provide a professional, flexible and friendly service and nothing is too much trouble! It gives us great peace of mind knowing he's being looked after while we're out. If you are looking for a dog walker I would not hesitate to highly recommend Bronja and Whistlers. Jack Laidlaw


Whistlers walked my two spaniels for over 6 years and were fantastic. The team were incredibly reliable, friendly, willing to help with any behavioural issues and flexible if you needed extra walks. Occasionally the dogs were a bit naughty but Whistlers were patient and professional and got the job done. I would highly recommend them. Sarah Linaker

Bronja and her team looked after our beagle, bernard, on daily walks from the moment he was free to roam.  And roam he occasionally did.  Bronja always arrived at the house full of joy to meet Bernard.  His tail wagged in anticipation of her arrival from the moment the van arrived on the drive.  On the odd occasion Bernard was still missing from his early morning walk, Bronja,  or one of her helpers, would assist us in his safe retrieval.  When we moved, Bronja even helped us find a new dog walker too.  I have no hesitation in recommending her to you. Peter Marsh


Ralph, my Tibetan Terrier, has been walked by Bron and her team for the last 3 years. Her service is absolutely fantastic and she has helped me tremendously. There isn't another dog walking business that can match Whistlers. Her love of dogs and her willingness to help out, even when she is bursting at the seams with too much to do, was second to none and I miss her as I have recently moved out of the area. Don't hesitate to ask this company to walk your dog when you can't. I was able to work full time in the knowledge that Ralphie was very well taken care of and more importantly happy and having loads of fun! Thanks Bron! Belinda Coburn


Megan is 7 this year and when we first had her, I had had a bad fall and the master of the house was at work all day so she needed a confident, practised walker and trainer.  When the M-o-t-H retired a few years ago we decided that we couldn’t deny Megan the fantastic exercise she’d had daily so we continued with Whistlers.  When we had an emergency and couldn’t get back to Winchester one day, Sharyn visited and took her out several times and then when the M-o-t-H was hospitalised for most of the first few months of the year, Sharyn just organised her time to do two visits a day which allowed me the time to concentrate on getting him out again!  She advises me on points of training and has recently helped me with Megan’s habit of jumping up at the front door.  The vet declared that Megan was one of the fittest dogs he’d ever seen when she went to have her annual jab. Gill Richards


Whistlers looked after both of my labs for 6 years. The service was second to none. Both dogs clearly loved their days out and the walkers who took them. Whistlers were on hand to help with problems if they arose and were able to take a dog to the vets if we were not available. They even helped with feeding our puppies when they were born! Over the years we came to look on Whistlers as part of the family. I cannot praise them highly enough. Adam Hiddlestone


We have a beagle and a lab. We've used Bronja and her dog walking team over the last year. They have been amazing in every way; from thoughtful doggie christmas gifts to total flexibility, even at short notice. Our dogs, Orla and Charlie, have loved their walks and now that we're moving abroad, we're concerned that we'll never find a dog walking service quite like Whistlers. Thank you Bronja and team. Best wishes from the Jays Rachael Jay


Bron and more especially Sharyn, have been absolutely wonderful exercising my cocker spaniel three times a week. I look forward to her knock on the door.  Not only that, she has offered to do little things which are beyond me whilst on crutches.  She is maintaining the discipline with my rescue dog which is very important to me.  Aren't I lucky to have hit the jackpot? Jane Stephens


What would we do without Whistlers?  Our Mistress Mum (the Senior Bitch) wouldn't work, we (Boswell and Blanco) wouldn't get walked on difficult days and 2 LB's wouldn't be Chirpy Chappies.... As the Junior Jack Russell has an ongoing weight problem he'd be fat getting fatter!! The Top Dog would also get even more unsociable.  Thanks to Whistlers we are all happy , 2 and 4 footed friends.  Felicity Wethered


One thing was clear when I first met Bronja ....she loves dogs!  Having worked for a pet care company in the past, I knew exactly what sort of dog walker I was looking for.  Amber clearly loves her walks with Bronja and her new doggy pals and she happily sleeps the afternoon away afterwards.  Ive never been refused a walk, even at extremely short notice.  I wouldn't hesitate in recommending Whistlers. Jemma Wyatt


Whistlers the Dog Exercisers is an excellent dog walking service.  Bronja and the team are always reliable and available on short notice which is great for us as sometimes we do not know when we will be out all day due to work commitments. We hate the thought of leaving our dog Holly on her own all day but as Whistlers take her out for a long walk at lunch, it is never a problem.  Holly has been walked by Whistlers since she was a puppy and always comes home happy and tired.  Bronja doesn't only walk our dog but she is always on the end of the phone to offer advice, takes Holly to the groomers and when Holly was ill and couldn't be walked, the team popped in to make sure she was not lonely and to play with her.  Bronja clearly loves dogs and they definitely love herJoanna Rayner


Bronja and her team provide an excellent service.  Bronja is always reliable and flexible fitting in additional walks if work commitments change.  I would recommend her services to anyone who owns a dog and wants them well cared for whilst out walking.  Fiona Stannard


The team at Whistlers are absolutely first class, very professional and always helpful.  We have been with Whistlers for over 6 years and they are always 100% reliable.  I would recommend them without hesitation. Phil Ludgate


We have used Bron and her team for the last 3.5 years and they have never let us down.  Our youngest dog was taught to go off lead in their care and even the grumpier older one has been known to have her moments in the whole new world of walking off lead (even if she isn't that reliable about coming back!!).  Nothing is too much trouble, when we've needed to book them in last minute or cancel last minute.  Our girls love the interaction with the other dogs, our youngest (miniature yorkie) has struck up a charming friendship with a German Shepherd!.  We trust them with our girls implicitly and couldn't think of any safer pair of hands for them to be in.  Karina Lee


Fantastic, trustworthy service.  Good group of people - our dog loves her walkers.  very flexible and helpful service.  Extremely good value for money as all the dogs get great robust exercise Lisa-Jane Lydon


Bronja and her team have been walking Ted whenever we are away on holiday or on days out for the past 3+years.  She has never said no to any request including those at very short notice. Having, on occasions witnessed both his departures and returns it is clear that he is very fond of Bronja and her team. He enjoys his walks and socialising with the other dogs enormously.  We feel very comfortable entrusting him to Whistlers Robin Heathcote


If you want to feel completely happy that your dog is going to be well looked after and well exercised, Whistlers is the answer!! They have NEVER let us down and are always only to happy to fit Georgie in for extra walks if work commitments call.  They are incredibly flexible and totally professional. Jane Jones


Bronja provides a brilliant service for my dog and he loves her almost as much as he loves me.  Very reliable and you know your dog will have a wonderful time out with her and her team.  Vivian Austin


Bronja and her team walk my Labrador, Baker, he loves his walks with them and sits by the front door eagerly waiting for them to arrive! They have never let us down and can often fit him in for extra walks at short notice. Bronja is calm, affectionate but firm with the dogs and I have complete trust in her ability to take great care of my dog. I have no hesitation in recommending her to all Laura Gittins


Bronja and her team have been walking my two spaniels for four years and I couldn't be without them.  All the team are great with the dogs and are particularly experienced and patient whenever they go through an occasional independent streak.  The dogs really love their "Pack" walks and it's a great break for me during my hectic week. Sarah Linaker


Bronja is now taking our second dog out for walks. Ronnie is by no means the easiest of dogs to take out as he has a habit of running off after the first rabbit or deer he sees. But I have a huge amount of trust in Bronja and her team - they have got to know him really well, they make sure he is safe and most importantly always has a great time Gail Bloomfield


Over the six years I have used Whistlers they have provided an excellent service.  They are reliable and responsible.  Both Bronja and her team care about the dog and understand the different needs.  I trust them completely both with my dog and with access to my house.  They communicate well and I know that they will take responsibility for my dog when he is with them; if he becomes ill or injured.  Ian Berridge


Highly recommended.  I have used Whistlers since early 2007.  Bronja and her team are very caring, excellent with the dogs and sensitive to their particular needs.  100 per cent reliable service Jenny Leyland


Bronja Haskell, who runs Whistlers, has been walking my dogs since 2003 and in all that time she has provided a thoroughly caring and professional service.  She really takes the trouble to get to know each dog and she always goes out of her way to help out - even with last minute requests.  She is 100 per cent trustworthy and reliable and I have no hesitation in recommending her. Joanna Page


Maddie (our over excited 2 year old springer spaniel) would like to Thank Bronja and her team for all the fab walks she's been on, and all the fun and friends she's had and made (both 2 and 4 legged) Bronja always makes sure I have a great time and I always arrive home happy and sometimes muddy. Maddie's dad would also like to add his huge thanks for always being on hand to help out. Richard Simpson


As the owners of a nasally challenged small black pug who is the love of our lives, we cannot recommend Whistlers enough. All of the team are caring and careful and Rosie always returns a very happy little dog. Fiona Pike


It is the highlight of my dogs week going for a walk with Whistler.  As soon as the walker arrives he is at the door ready to go.  he always comes back from his walks with a waggy tail and then has to have a catch up nap.... It's a hard life being a dog.  Monica Hope


I have used Whistlers for a few years now and have always found them to be totally professional and efficient.  they genuinely love dogs and that not only gives the dog owners confidence but also the dogs themselves.  My dog and others who I know use the service like the walkers and are always pleased to see them.  Whistlers give a great service and are value for money.  Adele Rickaby


I would highly recommend Whistlers the Dog Exercisers, Bronja and her team treat each dog as their own, they keep you fully updated with your dogs progress especially, when they are young.  The walks are varied and interesting and they have been 100% reliable.  Your dog is in very safe hands. Claire Harding


We used Bronja's dog walking service in the early days of her business and cannot recommend them more highly.  Our old dog Brandon was so excited to see them everyday.  A highly professional service, and a real love for the pets in their care.  Dianne Dupree