What Whistlers the Dog Exercisers offers:

  • A flexible service, tailored to the individual needs of your dogs.
  • Friendly experienced staff who care about the dogs
  • Great walks in and around the countryside
  • Socialising with all types of dogs
  • Fully insured and policed checked (CRB'D)
  • First Aid Trained with first aid kits in every vehicle
  • Fully crated vans for safe travel

Regular and occasional  clients welcome


 What We Do


We collect your dog from your home and transport them in our crated vans to one of the many places we walk.  Your dog is walked for one hour with a group of up to eight dogs.  They are then returned safe and sound to your home where they can have a well deserved sleep until you come home. 


Initial Meeting


After you have contacted me and if you require the services of Whistlers the Dog Exercisers, we will arrange an initial meeting.  This gives you and your dog the chance to meet me so we can discuss in depth your needs and requirements. It also gives you and your dog the time to decide if you like and trust me !!!!  We will complete the paper work which ensures that your dog is covered by our insurance whilst in our care.


The Routine


All new dogs come with me (Bronja) for their first two weeks.  This is to enable me to see how they interact within a group of other dogs as we can walk up to eight dogs at a time.  Also to get them used to a recall using a whistle. Once they are happy they may be walked by another member of the team.  We do like to mix and match the dogs as it gives them the opportunity to meet and socialise with all our dogs.


Safety and Security


The welfare of your dog is paramount to us at all times during the walks.  With the owners permission, most of our dogs are walked off lead.  We do have those who are walked on leads, they are generally kept on extending leads so they can still join in playing with the other dogs.  Sometimes we attach them to other dogs using couplings.  This way they can increase their exercise.  It also enables us to train them to improve their recall so hopefully they can one day be off lead......


We are competent first aiders and we carry first aid kits in all our vans. Obviously if you dog does hurt itself in our care and we feel it should be seen by a vet,  we will take your dog to your vet as soon as possible.  However if it is an emergency we will take it to the closest vet to where we are waking for treatment.


We do ask that you ensure that your dog is vaccinations are up to date including kennel cough.  This is for the protection of both your dog and the other dogs in our care.  We also advise worming and fleas treatments are done regularly.


We are fully insured with public liability and third party risk of £10,000,000.  Also care, custody and control extension which covers dogs in our care up to £20,000. However we advise that each dog have its own pet insurance too.


All our dogs wear a Whistlers Identity Tag which says "I am walked by Whistlers" on one side and my mobile on the other. 


On rainy days we will dry off your dog and try to ensure that there are no muddy paw prints around the house !!!!!  We will also check that your pet has fresh water when we leave.


Why Whistlers the Dog Exercisers benefits your dog:

  • Exercise is essential for the maintenance of a healthy body weight in dogs.  Being heavier than the desired weight can reduce the dog's life expectancy and their quality of life. 
  • The provision of regular walks enables dogs to achieve normal energy levels and also a healthy balanced state of mind.  Lack of exercise can be contributed to many canine behaviour problems such as hyperactivity, aggression and anxiety
  • To be a happy "balanced" dog they need to walk and to be able to interact with other animals and their environment.  Walking isn't only physical exercise, it is also mental stimulation
  • We are happy for dogs to come and join us on our walks with their owners whether they are walked by us or not

Whistlers the Dog Exercisers cover the following areas:

  • Abbots Barton
  • Abbots Worthy
  • Badger Farm
  • Bar End
  • Compton
  • Fulflood
  • Harestock
  • Headbourne Worthy
  • Highcliffe
  • Hursley
  • Hyde
  • Kings Barton
  • KingsWorthy
  • Littleton
  • Micheldever
  • Olivers Battery
  • Otterbourne
  • Pitt
  • Shawford
  • South Wonston
  • Stanmore
  • St Cross
  • St Giles Hill
  • Sutton Scotney
  • Teg Down
  • Twyford
  • Weeke
  • Winnall
  • Winchester Centre
  • Worthy Down